Registering Domain Names in Bulk

You can order multiple domain names at a time, through the Bulk Register tool in your Control Panel.



Bulk Registration feature is not supported for domain names under the following TLDs (extensions):

  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Manage Orders -> Bulk Tools and then click Bulk Register.

  3. Mention the domain names in the format requested, select the number of years you want to register these domain names for and click the Next Step button.

  4. Enter values in their respective fields as explained below and click the Confirm Registration button to place the Bulk Registration action:


    Once a Bulk Registration action is placed, your Debit Account will be immediately debited for the Cost of the Registrations. If there are insufficient funds in your Debit Account, then the system would fail the Bulk Registration action.

    • Contact Information: By default, the Default Contact set for the specified Customer is picked as the Registrant Contact. You may choose a different Registrant Contact by clicking the Edit link.

      The Contact chosen as the Registrant Contact will be used for the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts.

      Contacts Archival 


      Unused Contacts (except Default Contacts) that were created more than six months ago are archived. Archived Contacts will not appear in the List of Contacts, would not be searchable and will not be available for selection during bulk domain name registration.

      Additional Information

      Default Contacts

    • Name Server Information: Mention at least 2 valid Name Servers for these domain names.

    • Product Agreement(s): It is compulsory for you to agree to the associated Product Agreement(s) by selecting the check-box.

Bulk Actions Limit, Processing and Domain Name Extension Specific Conditions 

  • At any point of time, you can add upto 2 Bulk Actions. This implies that you would not be able to add another Bulk Registration / Transfer / Renewal / Name Servers Modification / Theft Protection / Privacy Protection Action, if 2 Bulk Actions are already running. You will encounter the below error message in case you try to do so:


    You already have the maximum allowed number of Bulk Operations running. Please wait for at least one to complete before starting another.

  • You will be able to add another Bulk Action once one of the earlier actions has been processed completely.